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Welcome to the Crumbly Company!!

Happiness is the smell of a freshly baked bread!

Bread Bread Bread Bread


Everything around us is full of surprises and fun facts about something. In this case, you have stumbled upon the bread.

You are here in this website because either you are interested in bread or you got here accidentally, but it doesn't matter since you're here allow us to introduce Crumbly!! tadaaaa Your daily crumb of sweetness.

What we have here just ain't about simple breads, this is not your ordinary bakery. We offer a different class and kinds of breads that would surely water your mouth with every bite.

Bread is Love, Bread is Life

Garlic Bun

Bread, bread, bread, bread here bread there bread is everyhere, no matter what place, city or country, there's always bread. You know why? It's because bread is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, also the same with rice, but with bread you can enjoy different flavors, and besides breads are both fun to make and to eat.

With that being said, Crumbly will make sure that with every bite, you would crave more and more with our specialties and simple way of making our bread

Made handful with Love


We only have but simple priorities here in our business, and those are taste, quality and cleanliness

If you think that this is your regular bakery, well that's where you are wrong. We make our bread with passion and love as if making and designing bread is our form of art and a way of showing our talents and skills.

Importance of Bread


Bread is a staple food prepared by baking a dough of flour and water. It is popular around the world, in every household in Ireland and is one of the world’s oldest foods.

The virtually infinite combinations of different flours and differing proportions of ingredients, has resulted in the wide variety of types, shapes, sizes, and textures available around the world. It may be leavened (aerated) by a number of different processes ranging from the use of naturally occurring microbes to high-pressure artificial aeration during preparation and baking, or may be left unleavened. A wide variety of additives may be used, from fruits and nuts to various fats, to chemical additives designed to improve flavour, texture, colour and shelf life.

Bread may be served in different forms at any meal of the day, eaten as a snack and is even used as an ingredient in other culinary preparations. As a basic food worldwide, bread has come to take on significance beyond mere nutrition, evolving into a fixture in religious rituals, secular cultural life and language.

Little Trivial Facts About Breads


Below are some trivial knowledge about breads:

Image Name Description
Baby Cereal


This cookie has balanced sweetness, not too sweet and not too timid just thr right taste.



If you are a brownie lover, then you might want to try our brownie special

Coco Bomb

"Coco Bomb"

Coco Bomb the name itself tells it all, one bite is an explosion of it's tastiness



This pastry is so good that their name is "Flex"

Garlic Bun

"Garlic Bun"

If you're not a fan of sweet pastry then our specialty "Garlic Bun" might be just for you.

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